Jungle Animals

We have read “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae, “Eight Enormous Elephants” by Penny Dolan, “Rita’s Rhino” by Tony Ross, “The Gossipy Parrot” by Shen Roddie and “Greedy, Grumpy Hippo” by Stuart Trotter. Here are some of the activities we did. I liked the elephants the best. The paint tickled on my hand. We have also been using the Shadow Puppet App. This is a great presentation tool.

Adithi 1AK Shadow Puppet Week 4 IMG_2725

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Sleep Time

The Grade One classes have been listening to books by the author Libby Gleeson and using Keynote to present their work. They have done a wonderful job. This week we read “Sleep Time” and made teddy bears. They are so cute!


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Strip Design Transport

The Grade 1 classes are learning to safely search for images in Safari. They are refining their search terms and are using the search tools option. They have used Strip Design to present their images. They look great!

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This term our theme is transport. We are looking at all different types. We are also learning to refine our search criteria when using Google images.  Libby Gleeson is the author we are studying and we are reading a selection of her books. This week we read “Shutting the Chooks In”. This is the story of a young boy who has to pen the chooks for the night. As night falls he realizes that one is missing. Will he find it before the fox? We then made our own chickens using colourful feathers and joggle eyes.


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