Andrea’s Favourite – The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR By Don and Audrey Wood


Little Mouse loves strawberries, but so does the bear…. How will Little Mouse stop the bear from eating his freshly picked, red, ripe strawberry. This is a gorgeous picture book in which the Little Mouse in the story will do all he can to save his strawberry from the Big, Hungry Bear, even if it means sharing it with the reader!

The Little Mouse and the Big Hungry Bear are known and loved by millions of children around the world and Andrea’s boys are among them.   Andrea has fond memories of reading it to her three boys when they were young.  Thanks for sharing it with us Andrea. We were so happy to see that the little mouse got the strawberry in the end!

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Our Amazing Gardens

After reading Amelia Ellicott’s Garden we came up with a picture of our perfect garden…



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It’s a Miroocool by Christine Harris

After reading ‘It’s a Miroocool’ we drew a picture of our bedroom showing the Tooth Fairy what our room looks like and where we would put our tooth ready for her or him…

We even made our own envelope by folding and sticking paper together.

Here our some of our very cute drawings and envelopes…

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Chameleons are COOL by Martin Jenkins and Sue Shields

We read another one of Mrs Brough’s favourite books. This time she chose a picture book full of facts which is very similar to a non-fiction book.

So today we learnt some COOL facts about Chameleons…

  • Chameleons are lizards and there are about 120 different types of chameleons. Half of them come from Madagascar and the others live in Africa.
  • Chameleons feed on all sorts of creepy-crawlies.
  • Most lizards gulp their food without chewing it, but chameleons grind everything up thoroughly.
  • Most of the Chameleon’s eye is covered in skin, like the rest of its body. There’s a tiny peep-hole in the middle of the eye that the chameleon sees through.
  • A chameleon’s feet are shaped like pinchers for holding on tightly to branches.
  • A chameleon will only fight with the same kind of chameleon as itself.
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Sing a Song of Bottoms and Bottoms Up!!!

Sometimes funny and ridiculous stories is what we all need. Something to share a laugh with the kids and be a bit silly for a few minutes.
What better way to do that than reading stories about bottoms?

We were very glad Mrs Shave shared her two favourite books with us…

Sing a Song of Bottoms is a great rhyming book. You meet bears with baggy bottoms, pigs with perky pinky ones and peacocks who love to put theirs on display. It was perfect for reading aloud and it caused fits of giggles. One thing’s for sure – whoever is the winner, bottoms are tops!

Bottoms Up is a book about babies protesting to their parents about wearing nappies. The story tells us a number of reasons why bottoms shouldn’t be covered up. ‘Bottoms are beautiful, bottoms aren’t rude’, the babies insist pointing out that animals don’t have to wear nappies or knickers.The illustrations are hilarious too, with all sorts of animals looking ridiculous as they dance around in human underwear.

Bottoms Up was definitely the favourite of the two bottom books with the grade ones.

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Funky Monkey Biscuits

After bopping along to the story we made our own ‘funky monkeys’ using marie biscuits, oreos, banana lollies, choc bits and writing icing. The best bit was being able to eat them. They were DELICIOUS…

We also documented each step of our biscuit making process so that we could make them again at home.

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One Funky Monkey by Stacey McCleary

Today we read one of Andrea’s favourite books……….

‘One Funky Monkey’ by Stacey McCleary.

One funky monkey as though in a trance, moving and grooving he started to dance – as do the rest of the animals.  One Funky Monkey is a counting book that features some very funky animals engaging in various dances – from hip hopping elephants to jiving giraffes, moonwalking meercats and ‘lion’ dancing lions.  Ultimately they all join a conga line as we count through all the animals one by one.

Andrea loves all the animals dancing in this book and thinks it is such a great way to make counting fun.

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Week 2… Pete and Pickles by Berkeley Breathed

Berkeley Breathed book Pete and Pickles was inspired by a sketch that his five year old daughter had made on a restaurant napkin. He asked his daughter Sophie about her sketch of an elephant holding a pig and putting flowers on its head.

Why was the elephant doing that?

She answered “The pig’s sad. Because he’s lonely.”

Then she leaned in and whispered, “. . . But he doesn’t know it.”

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed offers two new irresistible characters and a heartfelt, hilarious look at the rarity of true friendship.

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Week 1… Pete and Pickles by Berkeley Breathed

Pete is a perfectly predictable, practical, uncomplicated pig. At least, he was . . . before a runaway circus elephant named Pickles stampeded into his life, needing a friend.

Pickles is larger than life and overflowing with imagination. She takes Pete swan diving off Niagara Falls… And sledding down the Matterhorn…

Pete goes along for the wild ride and actually begins to enjoy himself . . . until Pickles goes too far. And Pete tells her she must leave. Yet sometimes the simple life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Mrs McKee choose this book for us to read…

She loves the beautiful illustrations Breathed has created and the way they help bring the story to life. Even though its a sad storyline the author slowly leads the reader towards a happy ending.

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