Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat

Milli is a person who can take a a nothing….and turn it into a Something.  But in her plain old town full of bustling people, all Milli does is make plain, ordinary shoes.  Until a pair of wandering minstrels come to town, Jack and the Dancing Cat.  They teach Milli how to dance the two-step, the three-step and the tricky twisting backward sliding four-step which makes her feel brave and free.  Brave enough to create many wonderful Somethings: musical instruments with sounds never heard before, purple satin slippers with bells and more.  Milli never again makes a plain, ordinary anything.We loved this story (especially Mrs McKee).  It is a wonderful book which teaches us to have the courage to be true to ourselves. King’s brilliant, bright, water-colour illustrations show the creativity and specialness of Milli’s ‘somethings’ – he really is so talented!

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Our Amazing Gardens

After reading Amelia Ellicott’s Garden we came up with a picture of our perfect garden…



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Amelia Ellicott’s Garden

Amelia Ellicot lives with her cat Mustafah, next door to a block of flats. She is proud of her garden and her chickens, but she has no one to share them with…..Until one day a storm destroys it all and Amelia discovers the value of friendship.

This is a beautiful, simple story of community and the importance of other people in our lives. It illustrates perfectly the joy we can bring to others with a little thought and courage to reach out to each other.

We found out today that Stephen Michael King has illustrated many books for different authors. Amelia Ellicott’s Garden is one of them. It is written by Liliana Stafford and the interaction between her words and Stephen’s pictures is spot on. Stephen’s illustrations are wonderfully expressive and very unique to him. We are beginning to recognise his work and get excited when we see his name on the front cover of a book.

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After reading Emily Loves to Bounce we created some of our own bouncy Emily’s.  Have a look at how they bounce off the page…..

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Emily Loves To BOUNCE!!!

Today we read the first of our Stephen Michael King books… Emily loves to BOUNCE!!! We really enjoyed this playful book and were impressed that Stephen both wrote and illustrated the story. We are looking forward to hearing a different book by this fabulous author/illustrator each week.

Boing! Emily is full of life. She’s full of smiles. But most of all, she’s full of bounce. On her head, on her toes, on her bottom. Skipping bounces, springing bounces, singing bounces. Wherever she may be, you can be sure she’s in the air! This is an energetic book which is just right for the bounce in every child.

Boing! Boing! Boing!

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Stephen Michael King




Stephen Michael King…


This term we are learning about the wonderfully talented Author/Illustrator Stephen Michael King.  We have read a number of his books in the library this year but are looking forward to exploring some of his other works and hearing about his journey so far.

To find out more about this very talented and creative Australian author you can visit his website

Our favourite Stephen Michael King’s books are Mutt Dog and Leaf.

Lets hope we can add some new favourites to this list 🙂

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