Zippep’s Astro Circus – Trust Clubs

Today we talked about the people in our lives who we could trust to keep us safe and smart when we go online.  We discussed the meaning of trust and the different people who we felt safe and comfortable with. After this discussion we came up with a collective list of people who we could trust.  These people included adults like Mum and Dad, teachers, grandparents and police officers. We then completed an individual ‘Trust Club’.  The members of our Trust Club had to include people we trusted to keep us safe.  People who we can talk to if we feel sad or worried.  These are people we should talk to about the things that happen online as well as in other parts of our lives.


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Strip Designer App

Today we looked at a new app called strip designer. We were making our own certificate. We had to write a sentence and take a photo of ourselves. As you can see we had fun but there were a few new tricky things to learn…

We learnt to change our page setting and the layout of our page, set our page up to include text and images, change the background colour of our page, add an image, write in a text box, change the font and colour of our text and how to make our writing fill the text box. As you can see we learnt lots this week! Hopefully next week we can add stickers and learn how to save our work…


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Searching for images on the safari app

  • always get a big person to help you
  • open the safari app
  • type the word you are looking forward
  • click on the camera icon to get images
  • choose the image you like and touch it
  • you need to get the best quality image so touch the website – it is in green writing in the bottom left hand corner
  • find your image on the website
  • hold your finger on the image
  • touch ‘save image’
  • go to photos to see if your image has been saved
  • 🙂
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Safari App and Google Images

Today we searched google images to find pictures of things we read about in Pete and Pickles.  Before we began searching we discussed the rules and guidelines which apply when using google images.

-Always be specific when searching eg. instead of typing in apple, type small green apple

-Only look at the first 4 rows of pictures, which is about 20 images

If a picture is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable press the ‘sleep’ button straight away and show a teacher (don’t show anyone else)

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Book Creator

Over the last four weeks we have been working very hard to learn how to use the app Book Creator. Mrs Brough and Mrs McKee even gave us a challenge to see how we were going.

  • We have learnt to search for apps and open the app we need
  • Create a new book and choose the style of book we’d like
  • change the background colour
  • insert a photo or picture and resize it
  • add text
  • and change the colour, font and size of the text
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Using the Camera App

Today we learnt how to take photos of ourselves using the camera app.

To get the camera to focus we had to tap the screen. A little box appears and focuses the camera for us 🙂

All we had to do was say ‘Cheese.’

In Book Creator we started our first iBook…

We choose our book size (potrait, square or landscape), added our photos from the photo app and resized our photos to start our front covers.

Stay tuned to see what we learn next week…

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Book Creator App

This term we will be using the app Book Creator on the iPads with the Grade Ones.

It’s a simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks – picture books, photo books, art books, fact books – the list goes on and on…

Each week we will show and teach the kids a different feature of Book Creator.

This week our focus is on opening up the app and creating our first iBook and inserting a photo from the photos app.

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Mr McGee on Explain Everything

We used Explain Everything ($2.99 iTunes) to create a scene from Mr McGee and the Biting Flea.  We imported a picture of Mr McGee and drew a picture of the pesky flea. We then narrated a scene from the book using some descriptive words from the text.  It is always so rewarding to see our work come to life on the big screen Apple TV.

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Srip Designer

This week we introduced the grade ones to Strip Designer $2.99.  It is a fabulous open-ended App which provides the tools for the students to learn digital creation skills and improve their talents in writing, storytelling and graphic design.  The nature of Strip Designer allows the students to endlessly experiment with visual elements and text.  It’s versatility can support a range of learning goals for any subject.  We used it to draw a picture of our favourite food.  The students were very impressed with the professional quality of the end product.




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Explain Everything Retell

Because the students were so taken with The Little Refugee last week we thought we would continue on with the theme and read Refugees by David Miller. This story has so many similarities to Anh Do’s story and the students were able to draw comparisons from each book.

Refugees tells the tale of two ducks whose home is destroyed when their swamp is dug up and they have to find a safe place to live. The difficult and dangerous journey that they undertake seems doomed to failure as they try unsuccessfully to settle in different environments, including an ocean, a busy river port and a swamp where duck shooting is allowed. They are close to exhaustion when the intervention of an unknown person changes their fate.

After discussing how the ducks’ story related to that of Anh Do’s, the students retold their version of the story on the iPads using the Explain Everything App. This is our third week of using this App and the students can now confidently use all the tools and have produced some terrific work.

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