Pig the Pug iPad activity

This weeks iPad activity was based on the story ‘Pig the Pug’ by Aaron Blabey. We discussed what a moral was and how some stories have a moral in them that teach us something. The moral of Pig the Pug is that it is always best to share with others.

pig the pug

Using our iPads, we created a slideshow in Shadow puppet with drawings of Pig and Trevor and recorded what we thought was the moral of the story. This week, we also learnt how to add text in Shadow Puppet!

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The Bad Guys Episode 1

This week we read another of Aaron Blabley books called ‘The Bad Guys’. Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Snake and Mr Shark sound like bad guys, look like bad guys and even smell like bad guys! But, they are about to change all of that. Mr Wolf comes up with a daring plan to become good guys and change their reputation.

the bad guys

Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Snake and Mr Shark complete their mission to rescue 200 dogs from the pound. Mr Wolf says

Aw, C’MON!

You loved it! I KNOW you did!

Tell me the truth-didn’t it feel great to be the GOOD GUY for once?

Tell me how it felt, fellas…

Students had to draw the snake, shark and piranha and include what they thought their responses to Mr Wolf’s question might be!




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If I could have one wish…

This week we read Sunday Chutney, a girl who moves around the world because of her parents work. This means she is the new girl at school all the time and has to make new friends. If Sunday Chutney had one wish, it would be to stay in the one home.

sunday chutney

We thought about what we would wish for if we had one wish and using the Drawing Pad App, we drew what we would wish for. We would wish for pets, motorbikes, play dates and lots more. We then used Shadow Puppet to upload our drawings and add our voice, recording what we would wish for.




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Sunday Chutney

This week we read the first of the Aaron Blabey books ‘Sunday Chutney’. Sunday Chutney has lived all over the world! Moving around a lot means she is always the new kid at school and never really has a place to call home. If she had one wish it would be to always have the same home.

sunday chutney

We then thought about what we would wish for if we had one wish! We drew what we would wish for with lots of beautiful colours and pictures and really hope our wishes comes true.

sunday examplesunday chutney work


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Aaron Blabey Books

This term the Year Ones will be reading picture books written by Aaron Blabey. Aaron Blabey has published many award winning picture books, including Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley, Sunday Chutney, Pig and the Pug and The Bad Guys. Aaron Blabey’s picture books use simple language and illustrations and focuses on children and their relationships.

 The Book Creator app will be our focus on the iPads. The students will create pages that include drawings, text, photo/video and sound.

the bad guyspig the pug

pearlsunday chutney


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