Week 6: Coding!

What an exciting week in Info Lit we had! We have been continuing to learn all about coding and guess what? We’re getting pretty good! This week we completed two different rotations to practice our programming skills.

Rotation 1: BeeBot and BlueBot App
We started with the yellow BeeBot app which works just the same as an actual BeeBot! We had to program the BeeBot to make its way through the garden to reach the flower. It was tricky at first, especially when using the 90 degree right and left turns! Sometimes we forgot that the up/down arrows actually make the BeeBot go forward and backwards! But we all managed to make it to the most difficult levels and collect almost all of the stars! Well done everyone!

BeeBot app is free to download on the iPad. If you have a computer at home, you can click here to play at home!

beebot-app2 beebot-app3
We completed these levels!

Rotation two: BeeBots and pathways
We continued practising our programming using BeeBots with a partner. We had to program our BeeBots using one long sequence, to follow pathways to reach our partners.

Well done everyone!

Miss Crowther

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