Term 4 catch up!

Wowzer! What a busy Term 4 we’ve had! So busy that we completely forgot to post a blog! We have so many exciting things to share about our learning in Term 4, so let’s recap on what we’ve done so far…

Mrs. Bartholemeusz and Miss. Crowther have introduced us to exciting new ideas from the new Digital Technology curriculum, including coding and programming! In particular, we’ve looked at directional coding.

We’ve been using the Kodable app to introduce the basics of computer programming. Kodable has taught us about sequences and algorithms, conditional expressions and loops and patterns. If you have a computer at home, you can keep practising your coding on Kodable here!


We’ve also been very excited to use the BeeBots, which are small robotic bees!


As you can see below, the BeeBot is very simple to program, with left, right, forward and backward options. You can program a BeeBot up to 40 steps!


We have had time to experiment with the BeeBots and get to recognise how far they travel in one movement or turn.


We’ve also been able to create pathways for them and program them to travel specific routes.


Next week we are excited to be exploring the BeeBot Yellow app as well as the BeeBot maps!

Miss Crowther

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