The Bad Guys and Shadow Puppet

This weeks iPad activity was based on the Aaron Blabey book called ‘The Bad Guys Episode one’. Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Mr Piranha and Mr Snake complete a mission to rescue 200 dogs from the dog pound in hope of becoming good guys.

the bad guys

We first drew Mr Snake, Mr Shark and Mr Piranha into the Drawing Pad App. Our drawings were very creative and since ‘The Bad Guys’ book is a comic, our pictures were also in black and white.

drawing pad

Once we had saved our three pictures to our camera roll, we were ready to create a slideshow using Shadow Puppet. Shadow Puppet allows us to upload our pictures from our camera roll and add a voice recording to create a little story. shadow pupptWe uploaded our pictures of Mr Shark, Mr Snake and Mr Piranha and the voice recordings that we added were what we thought the characters responses would be to the question ‘How did it feel to be the good guys for once, fellas?’



Mrs Matthews


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