This term our theme is transport. We are looking at all different types. We are also learning to refine our search criteria when using Google images.  Libby Gleeson is the author we are studying and we are reading a selection of her books. This week we read “Shutting the Chooks In”. This is the story of a young boy who has to pen the chooks for the night. As night falls he realizes that one is missing. Will he find it before the fox? We then made our own chickens using colourful feathers and joggle eyes.


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3 thoughts on “Transport

  1. WOW this looks AMZING!!! I love it I don’t think I could do any better then these.
    I just can’t believe that they did this, this looks like year 12 work.

  2. Wow this is very good by you grade ones. I couldn’t even do that when I was in grade 1. Good job grade 1’s and keep up the good work

  3. Awesome work grade ones you are doing great. I really like the chickens there colourful. Hope you have a great term 4 and keep up the great work from you all.

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