Roll up, roll up, roll up!!

This term we are focusing on being safe and smart when using the internet.  With the internet playing such an important role in our everyday lives it is important that we prepare our grade twos for the online world. To help our students understand the importance of cybersafety we are using an educational resource initiated by the Australian Government called Cybersmart. It offers a fun and interactive program called Zippep’s Astro Circus which is specifically designed for young children.  Zippep and his circus friends reinforce the concept of computer security through a series of games and activities.

After brainstorming all the ways in which our grade ones use the internet at home it is evident that there is a need for us to teach our children how to be safe and smart online.









We are condfident that the information and knowledge the children will gain from this program will be a valuable guide as they begin their digital journey.  You will be able to follow our progress with Zippep right here on our blog each week.

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