Chameleons are COOL by Martin Jenkins and Sue Shields

We read another one of Mrs Brough’s favourite books. This time she chose a picture book full of facts which is very similar to a non-fiction book.

So today we learnt some COOL facts about Chameleons…

  • Chameleons are lizards and there are about 120 different types of chameleons. Half of them come from Madagascar and the others live in Africa.
  • Chameleons feed on all sorts of creepy-crawlies.
  • Most lizards gulp their food without chewing it, but chameleons grind everything up thoroughly.
  • Most of the Chameleon’s eye is covered in skin, like the rest of its body. There’s a tiny peep-hole in the middle of the eye that the chameleon sees through.
  • A chameleon’s feet are shaped like pinchers for holding on tightly to branches.
  • A chameleon will only fight with the same kind of chameleon as itself.
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