Sing a Song of Bottoms and Bottoms Up!!!

Sometimes funny and ridiculous stories is what we all need. Something to share a laugh with the kids and be a bit silly for a few minutes.
What better way to do that than reading stories about bottoms?

We were very glad Mrs Shave shared her two favourite books with us…

Sing a Song of Bottoms is a great rhyming book. You meet bears with baggy bottoms, pigs with perky pinky ones and peacocks who love to put theirs on display. It was perfect for reading aloud and it caused fits of giggles. One thing’s for sure – whoever is the winner, bottoms are tops!

Bottoms Up is a book about babies protesting to their parents about wearing nappies. The story tells us a number of reasons why bottoms shouldn’t be covered up. ‘Bottoms are beautiful, bottoms aren’t rude’, the babies insist pointing out that animals don’t have to wear nappies or knickers.The illustrations are hilarious too, with all sorts of animals looking ridiculous as they dance around in human underwear.

Bottoms Up was definitely the favourite of the two bottom books with the grade ones.

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