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Because the students were so taken with The Little Refugee last week we thought we would continue on with the theme and read Refugees by David Miller. This story has so many similarities to Anh Do’s story and the students were able to draw comparisons from each book.

Refugees tells the tale of two ducks whose home is destroyed when their swamp is dug up and they have to find a safe place to live. The difficult and dangerous journey that they undertake seems doomed to failure as they try unsuccessfully to settle in different environments, including an ocean, a busy river port and a swamp where duck shooting is allowed. They are close to exhaustion when the intervention of an unknown person changes their fate.

After discussing how the ducks’ story related to that of Anh Do’s, the students retold their version of the story on the iPads using the Explain Everything App. This is our third week of using this App and the students can now confidently use all the tools and have produced some terrific work.

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